Sefton Catering is our provider of meals at English Martyrs and Jeanette Dyson is our Cook in Charge. We have worked closely with them and listened to feedback from parents and pupils to ensure that the daily offer for our children is the best it can be.

We are proud to be offering a wide choice of healthy options on our 3 week menu, as well as hot pasta pots for pupils from Reception to Year 2. The dinner menus are prepared daily, by the dedicated and hardworking team from Sefton Catering in our kitchen.

Deli Bar

Additionally, children in Years 3 to 6 also have the option to have a fresh sandwich made at our deli bar daily. This is very popular with the children! In the summer months, the children have the option to take their deli bar sandwiches outside by being provided with a grab bag and wither bottled water or fresh fruit juice carton. If you would like to contact Jeanette or the catering team to discuss your child’s dietary requirements, you can do so via the Contact Us form or call school to arrange a meeting.

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Packed Lunches

As part of our commitment to being a Healthy School, we have worked alongside School Health UK to improve our lunchtimes. One aspect that we feel strongly about is the food that children have at lunchtime. Please see the guidance below for what to put in your child’s lunch box on a daily basis:

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