Our Curriculum Goal

At English Martyrs we aim to ensure that the curriculum is varied, inclusive, challenging and inspiring. Through our Core Values, we aim to develop successful learners who have the confidence to explore, investigate and immerse themselves in their learning; learners who are willing and able to overcome challenges and difficulties. We aim to offer a curriculum that enables each individual child to be happy, value their self-worth and to develop a love of learning through rich and varied opportunities. Through the inclusion of Mindfulness in our curriculum, we are ensuring that children learn to understand the importance of their mental health and well-being.

If you require any further information relating to our school curriculum, please email admin@englishmartyrs.co.uk and mark your correspondence F.A.O. Mrs Jasper.

Our Core Values

We aim to provide a Catholic education based on gospel values and the example of Christ. Underpinning our curriculum are our four Core Values:

As a school we acknowledge the importance of academic achievements and we want every child to achieve the very best that they are capable of. However, we place importance on the development of the ‘whole child’ and we want to ensure that our children grow as individuals and value their place in our community and in our rapidly changing world. 

Our curriculum is created to meet the needs of all our learners. It is designed to be interesting, challenging and builds on skills and knowledge. We want to enable the children to understand the diverse world around them and to be able to apply the skills that they develop during their education. By opening many doors through a varied and rich curriculum, we are enabling our children to discover their strengths and passions for life ahead.

How our Curriculum Works

As a school we understand the importance of implementing a curriculum that inspires and engages our children therefore themes relate to our children’s interests, the context of our school community and important issues locally, nationally and globally. Staff will adapt the curriculum to reflect the needs and interests of the children in their class and because of this, the skills focus will remain the same, but the focus of lessons may change year from year.

Enrichment opportunities at English Martyrs extend beyond the classroom through the inclusion of local resources such as: educational visits to museums, theatres, residential trips, music and sports venues, working with volunteers, agencies and charities in the local community. Through providing these experiences we are ensuring that all our children have equal opportunities. 

We promote British Values in all aspects of school life, (Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance). We ensure that the children are aware of their rights and we promote fairness, empathy and understanding. Through our R.E. curriculum (To Know You More Clearly for Nursery to Y3; Come & See for Y4 to Y6), children learn about other faiths and how their own faith relates to the world we live in.

Our curriculum is designed based on cognitive learning. We believe that this type of learning is active, constructive and long-lasting. We aim to engage our children in the learning processes, teaching them to become independent and inquisitive learners. Staff regularly monitor progress and provide feedback to enhance learning. Our curriculum ensures that wherever possible learning is cross-curricular though some content is subject specific.  

We believe that our children learn more effectively if they can see relationships and make connections.

Our Curriculum Impact

The intended impact of our curriculum is:

  • To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum and to assess the progress and achievement of each child.
  •  To ensure that each child is ready for the next stage of their education.
  • To provide a safe environment for all children so that they can thrive and develop as young members of our community.
  • To deliver a curriculum that enables all our children to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically.
  • To provide the children with skills, knowledge and understanding so that they become lifelong learners.
  • To provide our children with opportunities to be; creative, inquisitive, critical and independent learners.
  • To instil in our children, the ability to make choices which will enhance their opportunities in life and enable them to become positive members of their community.
  • To teach children about the world that they live in and how they can make a positive contribution locally, nationally and globally.
  • To enable our children to have self-worth, respect and tolerance for others.

Our ethos is to have a community of happy, content children so that they are able to fully engage with the ambitious and exciting curriculum that we offer.

Subject Curriculum Maps

Each subject leader has produced an overview document that details the key learning for their subject through the learning connector for each term. Please view the curriculum pages for more details. These are reviewed and updated annually by subject leaders.