Need help subscribing to our Calendar?

To subscribe to our calendar on your mobile device or computer using a calendar application please click the link underneath the website calendar.

If you are using an Android device you may need to use the google calendar option to subscribe to the calendar.

Subscribing to a calendar will allow you to view all current and future events added into this calendar in your calendar application (the interval at which the calendar will be refreshed on your device can vary depending on software and settings)

Subscribing will create a new calendar in your calendar application, this new calendar can be viewed side by side with your own personal calendar(s). Events displayed via your subscribed calendar cannot be changed or edited on your device, they are controlled and updated by the subscription.


Just want to subscribe to one category of events?

The default option is to subscribe to all calendar events, but if the option shows next to the subscribe buttons you can choose to subscribe to events from just one category within our calendar. Just choose the calendar category you want to subscribe to and click your chosen method, Calendar, or Google Calendar.


When subscribing via Google Calendar

After subscribing via google calendar on your device you may need to turn the new calendar on in Calendar Settings in the app.

Or if you have subscribed using the calendar method but are not using the stock android calendar app you may need to update the calendars that are synced via the google calendar sync select page.

Once your sync preferences have been updated here the calendar should be available to view in your calendar application.


Adding a single event to your existing calendar

If you don't want to subscribe to the whole school calendar but want to quickly add a key school date to your own calendar this option is for you.

Click the calendar event to display the information pop-up. A button "Add to my Calendar" will be shown. Clicking this button will download a file to allow a quick add of this event to your own calendar.

Adding an event in this way only adds the information at the point the entry is added, it is not automatically kept up to date and the event is saved within your own personal calendar.