Year 6

Year 6 Blog:
Our learning connector in the Autumn term is CONFLICT. All of our work this year will be linked to this theme in order to encourage the children to make connections and transfer learning across all subject areas. We hope that this will allow both and learning and teaching methods to become more creative and open while still encompassing all aspects of the National Curriculum. We encourage the children to become independent learners and to think for themselves and this new approach will promote children’s confidence and prepare them for the future equipped with the skills they need. Any thoughts you have on what is important in learning and in life will ALWAYS be most welcome! During the Spring term we discuss ENDURANCE and the quality of perseverance. We will look at the film Shackleton and the novel ICE TRAP. In the summer term, all children are involved in an end of year performance, and we try to really focus on some child-led learning.

Learning in Year 6:

As part of our learning we are looking at Phantom of the Opera, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The children will be exploring Micro-organisms and Forces as our science focus. The children will engage in ‘Dragon’s Den’ style activities designed to refine presentation and group work skills as well as numbers and calculation.Their books will also include any map work and investigative ICT.

Home Learning:

Instead of lengthy homework tasks (which can cause undue stress on Sunday nights!) we will ask the children to talk to you about their week and carry out small investigative tasks linked to their current topics. The home task book is aimed at maintaining consistent dialogue with you so that we can monitor your feelings about your child’s progress, as well as ours. You may like to tell us about your child’s interests and talents outside of school (e.g. dancing, acrobatics, art, writing etc.) Any information like this is invaluable. It basically serves as a home—school learning journal that will be looked at by staff every Monday morning—we invite you to write in it anytime!