Year 5

The following information is about the curriculum in Year Five which we hope you will find useful. Our topic this term is called ‘REVOLUTION’. Within this topic we will learn about the Industrial Revolution and life in Victorian Britain, along with much more! Please feel free to come up to Year Five before or after school if you ever want to speak about your child’s learning or well-being.

Learning in Year 5:

During the Autumn term we follow the National Literacy objectives when studying the texts and films of Charles Dickens (Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol) and Berlie Doherty (Street Child). We also look at a range of poetry, non-fiction texts and will learn to write persuasively by writing a persuasive letter about child labour in the Victorian times. There will also be opportunities for children to experience drama.

We will be following the National Numeracy objectives this term and will be learning to use the grid method for multiplication, chunking method for division, fractions, decimals, percentages, money and ’real life’ problems, shape, space, measure and handling data, as well as much more! Our Science topics are the Earth, Moon and Sun and Keeping Healthy. Throughout the term we aim to build on the children’s skills of enquiry and enterprise.

Home Learning:

Home task books should be taken home each night and brought into school each morning. This is a vital tool of communication between parents and teachers and please feel free to make a comment in this book. Please ensure that your child reads regularly at home as this is fundamental to their learning. When hearing your child read, ask them to check their understanding of the text by asking questions such as, ‘Why did he do that?’, What happened when….?’, ‘What do you think will happen next?, ‘What was the book about?’ Please take a copy of the handwriting scheme so that it can be used at home too! Consistent and fluent handwriting is important. Knowledge of times-tables is a vital part of Numeracy. We ask children to take a small amount of time whenever possible to practice their tables. This can be done in a variety of fun ways, such as computer games and songs!

Year 5 Blog: