Year 2

Year 2 Blog:

Learning in Year 2

Your child’s learning will take place indoors and outdoors now that we have direct access to the garden area. Our aim is to provide your child with opportunities to communicate, explore and investigate in a variety of ways. The organisation of our day has changed slightly this year. The children will have opportunities to choose to play in smaller groups throughout the morning. Therefore there is no need for a whole year group morning playtime which means children have more access to playground equipment. Now that we have access to the outdoors each child needs to have a pair of wellies and a waterproof coat. To keep your child safe at home time please remember to come forward when your child is at the front of the line with the teacher.


Autumn – Moods
The children have been introduced to The Owl Babies story by Martin Waddell. We have talked about the thoughts and feelings of the owls in the story and related these to the children’s own experiences. The children have shown an interest in learning more about owls and they know that we will be getting a special visit from some owls! In Art and Music the children will be finding out how moods are expressed in different ways.
Spring – Journeys
Starting with the Katie Morag story books the children will learn about the journeys that the main character takes. The children themselves will make journeys in the local area when we hope to take advantage of our school minibus!
Summer – Differences
During this topic the children will explore the differences between past and present, particularly focusing on childhood. This is also the perfect opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of our partner school children in Sierra Leone.

Home Learning:

Your child will receive home learning tasks and spellings each Friday. Most weeks the children will have Talk Homework when they will be asked to discuss a specific topic with an adult at home related to learning in class. On the last Friday of each month we will give the children a written piece of homework, usually English or Maths. They will be given an informal spelling test each Friday which they will complete in the back of their reading task books so you can see how they have done!