Year 1

Learning in Year 1

The children will be playing and learning both indoors and outdoors in Year One. Research has shown that children of this age benefit greatly from being able to follow their own interests and through their own first hand experiences. Therefore we plan a balance of teacher led and child led activities to ensure the needs of every single child are met and all children have the opportunity to reach their potential. Please come forward to collect your children from the teacher at home time so that we ensure they reach you safely. All children need wellingtons and waterproof coats so they can enjoy outdoor play all year round.


Autumn – Moods
We are going to be focusing on books by Anthony Browne, exploring different emotions. Activities will be planned across the curriculum using ideas from the stories and also capitalising on the children’s response and ideas.
Spring – Journeys
This topic will cover the children’s own experiences of journeys as well as stories such as The Rainbow Fish and We’re sailing to Galapagos. We hope to embark on a journey of our own when we visit Underwater Street.
Summer – Differences
During this term we will be reading The Lighthouse Keeper stories by R. and D. Armitage when we will be following the adventures of Mr and Mrs Grinling. To bring the stories to life we will visit Leasowe Lighthouse.


Superstar teddy – Throughout the week the children are rewarded with ‘superstars’ for good behaviour, attitude, and effort. The child with the most superstars is treated to a weekend with the special toy.
Golden time – This is a time on Friday afternoon when children get to choose special Golden time activities. At the beginning of the week all children start with thirty minutes of Golden time in which to play. However minutes can be lost if children behave inappropriately. This is a real incentive to encourage good behaviour.

The school handwriting style has changed! You will receive a handout showing how to form each letter so you can help your child with this at home. Please keep this for reference. After Christmas children will be given a ‘Talk’ homework and spellings to learn each Friday but on the last Friday of the month they will receive a recorded homework. There will be an informal spelling test the following Friday in the back of their reading record books so you can see their progress.

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