Y1 End of Topic Celebration  – Wednesday 28th September 2016 

The assembly focused on sharing what the children had learnt during the first three weeks of term.

Year one have been learning about families and the children have been discussing the make up of different homes and the different types of people who can make up a family.

Some children read out to the audience, standing at the microphone and telling us about special events they have attended with their families,  these included Christenings, holidays and birthdays. The children spoke clearly and their confidence and enjoyment of sharing their stories shone through. The children then shared their photographs which they had brought into school displaying their special family event by walking around to show the audience.

 One of the events that Year One have been looking at was bedtime routines and bedtime prayers. The children had devised their own collective bedtime prayer which they recited together.

Two brothers Ellis and Josh had a special bedtime rhyme which they said each night in their own home with their family and they shared this at the microphone with the audience, acting out the movements which was beautiful.

This was a lovely celebration and the children were fully engaged throughout, clearly excited to be sharing their learning experiences with their families. The children were energetic with their singing and enthusiastically joined in the clapping.

The celebration ended on a Go Forth message for the children to take away with them which was that God always loves us and this was encapsulated in the final song “Three Little Words – God Loves Me”

Well done Year One for a wonderful end of topic celebration.