World Book Day competition

Written by Sienna Knowles – Year Six

Our school helps us to explore, question, imagine and inspire through reading a variety of books throughout our school life. We really love reading and enjoying books.  Both staff and pupils were excited to enter the World Book Day competition and jumped on board our reading train display with great enthusiasm!  This competition has inspired all of us to write to the PTA and persuade them to help us to raise some funds to transform our idea (to have a library in the old Nursery building) into reality.  Our school reading display, entitled ‘Reading a good book is like taking a journey’, has been decorated by children from Nursery to Year 6 as they have been drawing pictures of a character in the book that their classes are currently reading/learning about.  A train was designed by children by writing a couple of chapters of school books onto paper in straight, horizontal and even spiral ways.  Furthermore, children were given a small strip of card to write their favourite books on, which were later placed on the display as train track pieces.  This really was a whole school effort!

Reading has a huge impact on our school life: it improves our writing it boosts our spellings it calms us if we are worried about something. The ‘A World of Books’ competition has encouraged both English Martyrs pupils and staff to want a safe place to be able to choose a book, sit comfortably and read/enjoy fascinating books.

To conclude, our school entered this World Book Day competition to win £5,000 worth of books to improve and change the way we usually read as everyone will desperately want to take a look at the variety of different yet mind-blowing books that we all wish for!