The Great Science Share

We took part in The Great Science Share yesterday. The children took part in pupil-led learning, asking scientific questions that really interested them and then enquiring for themselves to come up with an answer to them.

The children asked such great questions such as ‘what is the chemical reaction that takes place to make slime?’ and ‘what makes sweets taste so good?’ The pupils made their own slime and witnessed the chemical reaction between the borax and the glue which then made a flexible polymer. Making our own sweets 🍬 by adding the correct ratios of citric acid, bicarbonate of soda and icing sugar proved a great treat!

One of our questions was ‘how do tadpoles form into frogs 🐸?’ So one of our wonderful pupils brought his own tadpoles in from home for us to study! Other pupils brought in their own mini investigations – one of which was to demonstrate which was denser, water or oil and he did so brilliantly by making his own lava lamp!