Sierra Leone Sustainable Science

Today we were so excited to have such special visitors from Sierra Leone coming to our school to take part in a science workshop. We started by thinking about the uses of plastic and thought about the positive aspects. Afterwards, we watched footage of the impact plastic is having on the environment if it is not recycled properly – some of the video clips we saw were really sad. Animals are becoming harmed by ingesting plastics or getting trapped in them when swimming in the ocean.

We then thought about what we can do to help. Learning about the process of recycling plastic, we saw how factories can break down our household plastic items by melting them into small pellets before being able to mould them into something new. Certain brands such as Adidas and Nike have started using recycled ocean plastic in some of their clothes, footwear and even football kits! Did you know that one football kit uses about 16 plastic bottles? Using this as our influence, we designed and then made a number of usable items from the plastic waste around the room. We made shoes, skates, boats and even friendship bracelets!

After this, we designed a poster as part of an initiative ran by ASDA. Each poster had a clear message about reducing our use of plastics whilst recycling efficiently to ensure our future is free from oceans full of plastic. We loved working together on this project and feel really lucky to have friends around the globe who are sharing our environmental goals!