Science Learning Walk

The governors and I were invited to join Miss Boardman on a learning walk that focused on the excellent investigative science work that has been going on across school.

We started our walk off in Nursery, where we were greeted with the children looking at frozen fish shapes, watching and predicting what was going to happen to them. This linked into the Rainbow Fish text that they are reading currently.

Next we went through to Reception where children were making predictions of how many cotton balls would fit inside the small beaker, with water in. Year 1, the focus was linked to their work on life cycles and the chick incubator.

Year 2 were using our Lane Clark learning centres method to build upon existing knowledge and work in teams – the governors were impressed with this!

In Year 3, the buzz was around plants and living things, with examples of an orchid being displayed as well as the chance for the children to conduct their own investigations with parsley.

Year 4 had lots of electricity resources out and were using these to make circuits and make the bulbs light up – there was definite buzz and excitement in the air!

Year 5 were conducting practical investigations into displacement and up thrust, testing the theories of Archimedes, who Governors were informed by one Year 5 pupil, “he was not from Greece, you know – he was from Sicily!”

In Year 6 there were 3 investigations set up to explore the process of gaseous exchange. The dancing raisin experiment didn’t quite go as planned, but as they were keen to point out before the governors left, they repeated the investigation and realised that the type of vinegar they’d used didn’t work as effectively.

Finally, the governors were introduced to the Science Ambassadors, who talked about their new role in school and how they are helping Miss Boardman to improve Science across school. They talked about their experiences and what they liked most about being a Science ambassador for their class. They also talked about their favourite investigations, as they do a short experiment with Miss Boardman each time they meet. They spoke honestly and openly to governors and were a credit to themselves and Miss Boardman!

All in all, a great afternoon of science, learning and discovery shared by all.