Science Busking

To mark the end of British Science Week 2019, our Science Ambassadors put on their lab coats 🥼 and went outside to parents at home time, armed with a wealth of science demonstrations to engage the masses. Parents took part in the 5p Challenge which demonstrated how mass is distributed differently in different body types. Gasps were heard when our Y6 pupil demonstrated their Balloon Kebab experiment. Using their knowledge of where the rubber molecules are under the least amount of stress and strain, Gabe pushed the wooden skewer through the blown-up balloon 🎈without it popping! Making Straw Oboes with plastic straws was such a highlight as we created noises of different pitches: it took a bit of practise to get it exactly right, but it was well worth the effort. There were many more demonstrations set up by our budding scientists including The Stroop Effect and Paralysed Finger which explained how the tendons in the fingers are independent from one another apart from the ones in your middle and ring finger!