School Council


“I am super happy that I am a school councillor.
I want to help our school.”


“I am delighted to be a school councillor.
I will try to make everyone happy. I won’t let anyone down.”


“I hope for everyone to achieve their goals and to be happy.
I hope to be a good school councillor.”


“I am honoured to be a school councillor this year. I hope I come up with great ideas. I’ll make sure everyone is happy and achieve their goals.”


“I am so happy to be a school councillor of year 4A. I hope everyone is happy with the school at the end of the year with the changes that we have made to the school.”


“I am happy to be a school councillor this year. I hope to make our school a better place by making other children happy and joyful. I also want to make people happy outside of school like parents.”


“I am delighted to be school councillor because I would like to make my friends happier like me! I will make the school a better place and make this school feel like home. I hope I will be a great leader for Y5. I think we should be sensible and kind in every way.”


“I am happy to be school councillor because I can make the school better by getting new things and sorting out any problems on the playground or anywhere.”


“I am ecstatic to be a school councillor. My hopes and dreams for school is to make sure everyone smiles and to make everybody happy.”


“When I found out that I was school councillor I was so excited and happy and I will always be there for everyone. Lastly I am so thankful for this opportunity and I’m honoured to help the school in any way possible.”