"Our task is to help children communicate with the world
using all their potential, strengths and languages,
and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture."
- Loris Malaguzzi


In Reception, we firmly believe that young children learn from active play and exploration both indoors and out. In order to achieve this and to support their learning and development, we have established Key Worker groups. Your child’s key worker can tune into your child’s needs and interests, thus supporting their progress, through observing them at their play and assessing their next steps. By building co-operative partnerships with parents and carers we can fully understand your child and address their needs appropriately. With this in mind we hope that all parents can attend our coffee mornings during November!

The first half term in reception is all about settling down, making friends and learning the routines of school life. Most of our planned activities are initiated through the children and these have included our pirate theme. We created maps, dressed up, went on treasure hunts and visited the beach – all great fun. Mr Tidy and Mr Messy have also featured you may have seen the encouragement stickers to ensure a workable environment. We have spent lots of time talking about our feelings and how to deal with them and how to play nicely with and help our friends.

All of these place your child at the very centre of their education ensuring that Every Child Matters and that they receive personalised learning, with a key adult observing and assessing their own, very individual needs.

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Mrs Morris – Class Teacher
Miss May – Class Teacher
Mrs McDonough – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Houghton – Teaching Assistant