Partnership with parents

At English Martyrs we have a strong belief in working closely with parents. This benefits your child’s work and their life in school generally. If a problem arises with anything, we get much further by working through it together.

We try to develop our partnership in a variety of ways:

•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Parental Education courses
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Home/School reading diaries/logs
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Adult Education courses
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Family Education Sessions
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Family Support Courses
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Curriculum workshops
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp School celebrations
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Regular shared ‘End of Topic’ assemblies
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Welcoming classroom volunteers
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Open evenings
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Newsletters (fortnightly)
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Parent and Teacher’s Association (PTA)
•&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Enabling placements for those attending courses e.g. TA training

Parents Evenings

You will be given a chance to talk to your child’s teacher during Open Evenings and get an update on their progress during the two Open Weeks – one in October, one in February. There will also be an Open Afternoon at the end of the Summer Term. If you need to talk to the class teacher at any other time, please make an appointment to see them before or after school, as they must attend to their class during teaching hours.