Our Visit to Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

This afternoon, some of our Year 6 pupils were taken to Liverpool Life Sciences UTC to take part in some fascinating workshops. Dr John Dyer and his team welcomed us into their labs where we donned our lab coats and goggles and began learning.

One of the workshops saw us investigating with sodium bicarbonate and vinegar: we had to experiment with the correct ratios of each reactant in order to see whose rocket propelled furthest across the room due to the chemical reaction between the acid and the alkali.

The other workshop allowed us to get close to a number of different animals including a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko (named Issy), cockroaches, a giant African snail, a mouse and a gerbil. We became experts after listening to Ms Hayman talk about animal health and then we used our knowledge to study each animal ourselves, using a checklist to identify if they were healthy or not.

We had the most wonderful afternoon as you can see!