Mrs Nichols visits from Sierra Leone!

We welcome our friend from Sierra Leone who&nbspis visiting from Monday&nbsp10th June&nbsp- Friday 14th June,&nbspMrs Nichols, headteacher of REC Bassa Town Infant School.

Mrs Nichols&nbspwill be in school, meeting all the children and taking part in activities here at English Martyrs. If you see&nbspher in or out of school, please make&nbspher feel very welcome! She will be attending assemblies this week and going in to classes to learn about how we organise our curriculum and our approaches to education as well as sharing information about Bassa Town Infants school, what a typical day is like for the children and stories and examples of the way of life in Sierra Leone. A video from our visit in February 2013 can be seen on the frontpage of the school website for a better idea of what it’s like in Sierra Leone.

Where is Sierra Leone and the school?

Sierra Leone is in West Africa and ranks as one of the five poorest countries in the world.

Map of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is the second lowest ranked country on the Human Development Index and seventh lowest on the Human Poverty Index, suffering from corruption and suppression of the press.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Bassa Town Infant School was established in 1945 for children aged 6-9. The school has 550 pupils and&nbsp7 members of staff. (As of February 2013). Typical class sizes are about 80-90. There is no electricity or running water in Waterloo. We have officially been partnered with Bassa Town Infant School since May 2009.