Illness at School

In the event of your child taking ill at school, we will ring one of the emergency contact numbers to arrange for them to be taken home if that is necessary. Therefore, it is very important that these contact numbers are kept up to date.

Please notify us immediately if you have changed numbers or moved house.

If your child has been ill and has been taking antibiotics they should be kept at home until the course of medicine has been completed. If, in extreme circumstances, your child needs to take any medication whilst they are in school, we would have no objection to a family member coming into school at lunchtime to give whatever is necessary or with your written permission, a first aider can administer medication on you behalf.

After contagious diseases like chickenpox or measles, please check with your doctor before sending your child back into school. At various times during the school year, your child will be seen by the school nurse or the dental officer. You will be notified before these routine checks take place. N.B. The school nurse no longer checks children’s hair for head lice. It is vital therefore, that you check your child’s hair regularly.


No jewellery must be worn in school as it is potentially unsafe. Studs, one per ear, can be worn in pierced ears, but please, no sleepers or loops. When children attend the swimming baths, as per the regulations at the baths we use, we ask that you do not send your child in with earrings. They will be asked to remove them for the sessions they attend. Watches may be worn by children in school, but we must point out that they must be responsible for them. Sometimes during the year toys may be allowed e.g. during the Christmas parties, but once again, these are sent in at your own risk. Accidents can happen anywhere and whilst staff will do their best to ensure the safety of the children’s personal property, we cannot be held responsible if something is dropped or accidentally broken in school.