How can I…help my child Write?

How can I…help my child Write?

At English Martyrs, we believe the foundation to developing good writers stems from a love of reading and exposure to a wide range of genres. On this page, you will be able to find out more about our approaches to writing, including frameworks, how we encourage quality sentence writing and information about Spelling, Punctation and Grammar (SPaG) too. &nbsp

Writing in the Early Years:

As children progress through the Early Years, they are exposed to a range of mark-making activities and encouraged to write with a range of different mediums (crayons, paint brushes, pencils, fingers in the sand etc.)

&lt&lt photos of writing in EYFS &gt&gt

First Steps Frameworks:

As children move towards a more formal writing process as they enter KS1, we begin to use the First Steps Frameworks, which enable the children to have a format for different genres of writing that they can call on. They use technical vocabulary for each part of the writing, which can seem daunting at first. However, the children hear these and refer to them many times during the year and across years, so that they become familar with them and able to identify the key features themselves.&nbsp

&lt&lt Example writing frame included here &amp childrens&#39 work &gt&gt

Alan Peat – Sentence Types:

In order to make our writing exciting and interesting for the reader, we need to vary the sentences that we use to good effect. To that end, we use Alan Peat sentence types across KS1 &amp KS2 as a starting point, to develop and improve our writing and often to extend our writing. Below is a document outlining the 25 sentence types with examples. &nbsp &nbsp

&lt&lt Link to Sentence types here &gt&gt &nbsp

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

Often seen as the nuts and bolts of writing, accuracy with spelling, punctuation and grammar are important to maintain the reader&#39s flow and can demonstrate a child&#39s grasp of the English language. A variety of spellings, chosen to enhance a piece of writing are crucial. Use of dictionaries and thesauruses are essential in allowing children to maintain accuracy, select a wider range of vocabulary and exposing them to new words. &nbsp