Parent Governor Elections 2020

We currently have TWO Parent Governor vacancies on the governing body.
We have had THREE nominations and are pleased to share those with you below.
We are very grateful to: Keith Middleman, Michael Monaghan and Andrea Pankiw for their nominations.
Please take time to read the candidates personal statements and make your choice of two before the deadline at:

12 NOON on FRIDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2020.

Voting will take place on the Google Form link found here: Parent Election Voting Form
If you are unable to vote via the Google Form, then please contact the main school office and they will arrange for a paper copy of the ballot sheet to be sent to you.

Mrs Delaney (Returning Officer)


I would like to put myself forward for the role of a parent governor at English Martyrs. In my current role as a scientist at STFC I am actively involved in public engagement trying to inspire the next generation and build their interest in science and technology. Through his role I was able to bring some of our amazing science demonstrations to English Martyrs back in October 2019 where we spent a full day with the children teaching them about space. I am fortunate to regularly work with young people at STFC through apprenticeship schemes, work experience, year in industry and postgraduates.

I also have 2 children at English Martyrs (my youngest in Year 3 and my eldest in Year 5) so I have an active interest in the school and the great work they do. I am passionate about education and I am keen to help and hopefully make a difference at English Martyrs. As a scientist I work on many international projects building relationships with people around the world and working as part of a team. Doing this I have developed project management experience and have managed multi-million pound projects. I believe all of these skills will help me if i were to be elected as a parent governor at English Martyrs.


I am extremely passionate about education and the wellbeing of others. As someone born and raised in Litherland, I have used education as a means of social mobility and it is for this reason, I chose to build my career in Higher Education where I have been working for the last twelve years, supporting other young people making the same journey. My son has just started reception class this year and I am hoping my daughter does the same in a couple of years. I would relish the opportunity to represent all parents and pupils as a Parent Governor on the Board, helping guide English Martyrs with its educational decisions, strategies and governance.

I feel I am very qualified for the role, with relevant attributes and transferable experience that will ensure my effective and impactful contributions. At age 17 I was elected as Student Governor at Hugh Baird college, representing the study body of over 7000 on the Board of Governors. This provided an excellent understanding of Governor roles, in terms of the level of work required and how to represent the views and needs of my peers constructively. At LJMU where I studied my Marketing degree, I worked as a Student Advocate and Learning Mentor for Primary and Secondary schools within the Merseyside region. This work enabled me to realise my passion for education and raising aspirations of young people. After graduating, I secured a role working for Aimhigher in LJMU, delivering various events for local Primary and Secondary schools, including university visits, careers days and summer school programmes. This role involved lots of liaison with teachers, head teachers and bursars, which naturally grew my understanding of the operational management involved in schools and how educational philosophy should integrate with all aspects and elements. I then secured a role in LJMU’s Outeach Team where I would visit schools all over the UK to deliver presentations and workshops on higher education, motivation and revision, targeting underrepresented groups including BAME, SEN and NEET. I have always believed in inclusive education and equal opportunities for all young people, and it shone through in this work, culminating with me winning the Staff Citizenship Award at LJMU. During this role I had to deliver Safeguarding training to 60+ Students Advocates per year, becoming highly qualified in this area, which I feel is essential knowledge for a primary school Governor to have. Since then I have had various roles at LJMU including working in IT support, gaining a deep understanding of how computer networks should work in educational establishments and also working in student development and employability. For the last five years I have been working as a Leadership and Development Adviser, helping to shape LJMU’s culture and equip its staff with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to be successful in their roles. I periodically contribute reports, proposals and other information to LJMU’s Board of Governors, which has helped to further my understanding of the role of Governors at a very high level. I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and also completed a Masters Degree in Advanced Education Practice: Teaching and Learning, which covered all key stage learning, curriculum development and assessment. I specialised in active learning and formative assessment. The knowledge gained on my Masters helps me to understand the diverse teaching challenges and learning barriers teachers and head teachers face on a daily basis. I feel this would serve me well as a Governor and help to bridge any gaps, or perceived gaps between parent and teacher expectations. I currently hold two high-level external HE sector positions: as an AUA Accreditation Reviewer, reviewing professional accreditation applications for the main HE professional services organisation in the UK and on the Executive Board at the Staff Development Forum (funded by Advance HE) as Chair of Active Learning. I hope both of these positions help to demonstrate my commitment to professional standards, professional training and also that I care about more than just my day-to-day job and want to make a difference for those around me.

On a very personal note, it was very important to me that our children went to a catholic faith-based school. I didn’t have a religion growing up but did attend various religious play groups (Good News Gang and the JAM Club) with a friend for most of my time at juniors. I’ve always attributed my balanced view on life to the Good News I would hear at their sessions during a pivotal period in my life (between playing kick rounders and Bible Pictionary). So I could be involved and fully support my son and daughter on their journey of faith, last year I decided to become Catholic. I attended my RCIA classes as a Catechumen, and was preparing for the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil but it was cancelled due to lockdown restrictions; I am hopeful this will be able to take place next year. From my RCIA classes I have gained a good grounding in Christianity and Catholicism, which would enable a more holistic understanding of English Martyrs’ planning and decision making in relation to curriculum, teaching, pupil experience and other operational activities, while in the role of Parent Governor.

As a person, I’m hardworking, passionate and assertive. I love spending time with my family, having days out, playing board games, and playing Pokemon and Frozen; and often a strange combination of both. I’m a Level 1 Sushi Chef so enjoy making lots of sushi, as well as watching good films and tv shows. The challenges of coronavirus and lockdowns this year has really
emphasised to me the importance of wellbeing, so I’ve still tried my best to have fun where I can; completing a virtual triathlon last month and hosting a ‘Play your cards right’ gameshow for our socially-distanced street party in August. I was interviewed for the Times Higher Education Magazine last year if anyone would like to know more about me:

Although I haven’t held a Parent Governor position before, I know I have the right kind of knowledge, experience and skills to serve parents, and most importantly pupils, well on the School Board. I hope I’ve demonstrated this to you within my statement and hope to have your support with my application for this role.


My name is Andrea Pankiw, my son is a pupil in Year 2 at the school and has been a student there since Nursery. I am currently chair of the PTA for English Martyrs. I have been a member of the PTA for a few years now, previously a part of a very strong, well established group and now leading a group of parents to host a calendar of activities that will raise money so that we can
contribute to the journey of each pupil whilst they are with us at English Martyrs. We have raised money to pay for learning aids such as iPads, contributed towards school trips, end of year leavers celebrations and much much more. Through the PTA work, I already have a great working relationship with Mr Dinsdale and the staff in the school.

In my professional life I am CEO of a homeless charity in the City and myself and my team take in homeless off the streets, address their mental health needs and any addiction needs, train them in an employability skill and find them a job and then refer them on to supported housing to start a new independent life. They arrive to us with nothing, in desperation and leave with hopes and dreams. It’s a very complex job but very rewarding. I have to produce all of the strategic plans – Safeguarding and Management, Service Delivery, Fundraising and Marketing and ensure that we deliver our objectives, raise enough money to keep in operation and most importantly help as many homeless people that we can to lead a healthier life once again. I have a good network of contacts throughout all Boroughs in the City that I know I could call on to support us at the school.

My fundraising background helps me with my PTA work for English Martyrs applying for funding for equipment and anything else that is requested to enhance our pupils’ journey at the school. Because of my job I am proficient in Safeguarding procedures and reporting and although I look after vulnerable adults this knowledge can easily be adapted to ensure the welfare of our children at all times. I am committed to undertake any training necessary to enhance my skills to become
an effective governor.

I’m a mum of four and a grandmother too. Family is at the heart of absolutely everything I do and we practice gratitude for our blessings and look to grow as a family and individuals through love and learning to make us the best versions of ourselves.
I’m one of life’s ‘givers’ and am always looking to make a difference in the world through kindness and positivity. I am a practicing Catholic and fully support the teachings of the school and lead my life to serve as a witness to the Catholic faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I feel I could bring a host of attributes to the Board of Governors. Thank you for your consideration.