Curriculum Statement:

English Martyrs is committed to meeting the requirements of the new primary curriculum from September 2014 onwards.

We have updated our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum. The curriculum is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners. Our curriculum is designed to be exciting, challenging and will inspire children to nurture a passion for learning.

Core Values:

Running through all areas of our curriculum are our four core values, that we believe underpin all teaching and learning here at English Martyrs:



Emotional Well-being


These core values can be found on our Long term, Medium term and weekly plans. Through our Core Values, we aim to develop successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens of modern Britain who:

have an excellent grasp of the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics,
communicate well in a range of ways,
respect others and act with integrity,
have a sense of self-worth and personal identity,
are self-aware and deal well with their emotions,
are well prepared for life and work,
are resilient to challenges in learning and life.

Learning Connectors:

We believe that pupils learn more effectively when given opportunities to explore and enhance knowledge from all subject areas, rather than focusing on a specific subject. To that end, each year group focuses on a ‘Learning Connector’ each term. This enables a connected and thematic approach to the curriculum, rather than a disjointed and compartmentalised one. Our rationale behind the selection of learning connectors is that they are abstract and open-ended rather than specific and closed, to allow links to be made across subjects and maximise creativity when planning innovative learning opportunities. Below is a table outlining the learning connectors for each year group, term by term:

Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1 Moods Explore Challenge
Year 2 Bravery Journeys Difference
Year 3 Adventure Strength Imagination
Year 4 Body and Soul Discovery Treasure
Year 5 Revolution Legends Existence
Year 6 Conflict Endurance Transformation

Subject Curriculum Maps:

Each subject leader has produced an overview document that details the key learning for their subject through the learning connector for each term. Please view the curriculum maps below for more details.