Clubs and Courses

Children are offered as broad a range of extra curricular activities as possible. This enables them to take advantage of staff generosity with their time and develop individual talents. Some examples of clubs on offer to the children are:- art, gymnastics, football, choir, netball, cricket, hockey, French, drum, drama, cross-country, first aid and computer clubs. All of these voluntary activities enable the children to reach high standards of performance, as well as enjoyment. All of our extra-curricular activities are Sefton Children’s University accredited. For each hour of club your child attends, they will earn a credit towards their Children’s University graduation. Graduations take place at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). For more information about Children’s University, view the Children’s University website: have a look at the video from a graduation ceremony below:

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Extended School Activities

As part of the school’s commitment to offering as many different opportunities to all ages, children and families are given a broad range of clubs and courses to attend each year.&nbsp The courses are offered under three headings:
•&nbsp&nbsp &nbspChildren
•&nbsp&nbsp &nbspFamilies (a family member and child)
•&nbsp&nbsp &nbspAdults
Many clubs are run by staff within school, allowing the children, families and adults to take advantage of the generosity with their time.&nbsp External providers are also used and only selected for offering high quality courses.&nbsp The school has good links with Sefton Adult Communities Learning and The Bridge to Learning, both of whom have provided tutors and courses in the last three years.&nbsp An important element of the activities on offer is their appropriateness and relevance to each group. We complete course evaluations for clubs and courses and periodically ask for parental questionnaires to be completed to help us assess success.

Examples of some of the clubs and courses that have been offered are:-
Sports – Football, netball, cricket, athletics, circuit training, multi-sport days, water sports
Skill based – French, Spanish, computer club for girls, heart start, gardening, choir
Families -&nbsp Puppet making, Design and Technology, card making, parent &amp child football
Adults – Keep fit, Yoga, Nutrition course, basic sign language.