Catholic Life

What does Catholic Life mean to us?

At English Martyrs Catholic Primary School we aim to embrace the love of Christ by promoting a strong partnership between home, school and parish whilst providing a loving and safe environment to support every aspect of the whole person.

  • Celebrating each individual and developing a sense of personal responsibility
  • Actively seeking to welcome and support families of the children of English Martyrs
  • Involving the whole community that revolves around English Martyrs School
  • Valuing extra-curricular achievement

To promote the Catholic life of the school we aim to work together to discover and nurture the full potential of each individual, to provide an understanding of values for Christian living so as to develop confident and independent learners.

We achieve this by:

  • Promoting high expectations of the whole community
  • Following Christ’s example by setting an example to others
  • Providing all with an opportunity to develop skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding in all aspects of the curriculum
  • Full implementation of the ‘Come and See’ programme for Religious Education

Collective Worship


Catholic Life