Candy Cane Science

With it now being December, we were feeling rather festive during our Science Club this afternoon ⛄️🎅🏻Using our understanding of the composition of a candy cane, the pupils predicted what they thought would happen when they were placed in five different liquids: cold water, hot water, soapy water, oil and vinegar.

We made the test fair by keeping the amount of liquid the same; we measured and weighed the candy cane to ensure they were equal in size.

After just eight minutes, the candy cane in the vinegar, cold water and soapy water had begun to dissolve, however the one in the hot water had significantly dissolved and was removed of its stripes. The oil seemed to have very little effect, but we are going to leave them over night and observe what happens tomorrow!

The next day…

The oil (in the middle) had preserved the candy cane and acted as a barrier. The water and vinegar had completely dissolved the candy cane (whilst the detergent had kept the water clearer on the far right, with the sediment lying on the bottom).